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What does RE-LYMP stand for? What does elevated RE-LYMP mean? The 5 diff blood count test may include the mysterious RE-LYMP designation, in which case it is worth knowing what….

Westgard rules

Each laboratory should establish its own acceptance criteria for the in-laboratory control. Westgard rules come in handy, and you can implement them in a laboratory and adapt them to your….

MTC metoclopramide test

The MTC metoclopramide test is used in the diagnosis of hyperprolactinaemia, i.e. elevated serum prolactin levels. Hyperprolactinaemia can cause menstrual disorders, fertility problems, decreased libido or impotence. Before performing the….

Gilbert’s syndrome

What is Gilbert’s syndrome? How is it manifested? What tests should be performed to diagnose Gilbert’s syndrome? What is Gilbert’s syndrome? It is functional hyperbilirubinemia, which means that it manifests….


Physiologically, red blood cells (erythrocytes) are shaped like a biconcave disk. Thanks to this structure, they can effectively transport oxygen in our body through the ability to squeeze through even….