ACR calculator converter

ACR calculator converter

ACR is the albumin-to-creatinine ratio. This ratio is calculated after determining the concentration of albumin and creatinine in a single portion of urine. ACR calculator converter will help you calculate the ratio!

ACR is an indicator that is used as a marker of kidney damage. This test is performed as a substitute for the determination of daily protein excretion in urine due to the fact that the collection of material (urine) around the clock is very cumbersome and limiting for the patient, it is also subject to a number of pre-laboratory errors that significantly affect the laboratory results obtained.

The ACR index is used to assess proteinuria in patients. Accordingly, its evaluation is used in the diagnosis of diseases in which this proteinuria occurs.

ACR is used in:

  • diagnosis and monitoring of kidney diseases
  • diagnosis and monitoring of lupus nephritis
  • diabetic nephropathy
  • in the case of kidney transplantation
  • in diabetic nephropathy
  • preclampsia

ACR calculator converter – calculate it

To calculate the value of the ACR index, enter:

  • the value of urine albumin concentration
  • the value of creatinine concentration in urine

Then select the concentration units.

Remember that both tests should be performed in the same material, which is a single portion of urine. You do not calculate the index for urine collected at different times or on a different day.

How to calculate the ACR?

To calculate the ACR, use the formula: [microalbumin concentration in mg/dL] / [creatinine concentration in mg/dL x 0.01]

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