Alpha-fetoprotein unit converter calculator

Alpha-fetoprotein unit converter calculator

The Alpha-fetoprotein unit converter calculator is used to convert alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) concentration units in serum, plasma, body fluids and other biological material. Due to the fact that laboratories issue results in various concentration units – I decided to provide you with the calculator below. Thanks to it, it is possible to convert the concentration of alpha-fetoprotein AFP from IU/mL to ng/mL and vice versa, from ng/mL to IU/mL.

Alpha-fetoprotein unit converter calculator – calculate it!

To use the calculator and unit conversion below, enter the appropriate AFP alpha-fetoprotein concentration value and select the correct unit. The calculator will calculate the values, there is need to click the convert button.

Alpha-fetoprotein Concentration Converter

The calculator below is used to convert AFP concentration between ng/mL and IU/mL.

Alpha-fetoprotein unit converter calculator – formulas

The calculator above automatically converts the AFP concentration from ng/mL to IU/mL and vice versa, from IU/mL to ng/mL, depending on the configuration. However, if you want to calculate the concentration yourself or you want to know how it was converted, below I present the formulas with an example of calculations.

Converting the concentration of alpha-fetoprotein AFP from ng/mL to IU/mL formula:

ng/mL x 0,83 = IU/mL

EXAMPLE: in the course of the study, the AFP alpha-fetoprotein concentration result was 71.3 ng/mL, in order to convert the concentration to IU/mL, the value of 71.3 should be multiplied by 0.83

71,1 [ng/mL] x 0,83 = 59,01 IU/mL

Convert the concentration of AFP alpha-fetoprotein from IU/mL to ng/mL formula:

IU/mL x 1,21 = ng/mL

EXAMPLE: the AFP concentration result was 93.00 IU/mL, in order to convert the result to ng/mL, multiply 93 times 1.21

93,00 [IU/mL] x 1,21 = 112,53 ng/mL

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