AMH unit converter calculator

AMH unit converter calculator

Below I provide you with an AMH anti-müllerian hormone AMH unit converter calculator. The results of AMH concentration determination are issued in two units: ng/mL and pmol/L.

AMH anti-müllerian hormone unit converter calculator

AMH Unit Converter Calculator

The calculator below is used to convert AMH concentration between units: pmol/L and ng/mL.

Formulas for converting AMH units

The AMH unit converter calculator is one thing, but it is worth knowing how to convert the obtained AMH concentration results yourself, without using online calculators.

To convert AMH concentration from pmol/L to ng/mL, use the following formula:

ng/mL= pmol/L x 0,14

Example: the anti-mullerian hormone AMH concentration was determined to be 32.34 pmol/L. If we want to obtain the result in the unit ng/mL, the result of 32.34 pmol/L should be multiplied by 0.14. Then we will get the value of 4.53 ng / mL.

To obtain the result in pmol/L having the value of AMH concentration in ng/mL, the following conversion factor should be used:

pmol/L = ng/mL x 7,14 

Example: AMH concentration of 4.00 ng/mL was obtained in a patient, in order to convert the result into pmol/L, the value of 4.00 should be multiplied by:

7.14. 7.14 x 4.00 = 28.56 pmol/L. 

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