What does AS-LYMP stand for? What does elevated AS-LYMP mean?

The 5 diff blood count test may include the mysterious designation AS – LYMP, in which case it is useful to know what this abbreviation stands for. This is a relatively new parameter of laboratory diagnostics, so it is hard to find more information about it. Do you want to find out what AS – LYMP means? You will read about it below.

What does AS-LYMP stand for?

The abbreviation AS-LYMP may appear in some laboratory results for blood counts performed with SYSMEX analyzers. AS-LYMP stands for the level of stimulated B lymphocytes, which synthesize antibodies. Sysmex analyzers distinguish between two parameters related to lymphocytes that synthesize antibodies. They differ by unit. They are:

  • AS-LYMP# – the number of lymphocytes with high fluorescence that synthesize antibodies
  • AS-LYMP% – the percentage of lymphocytes with high fluorescence that synthesize antibodies

What does elevated AS-LYMP mean?

elevated as lymp

According to the literature, elevated AS – LYMP can indicate a viral infection in a patient. A statistically significant increase in AS – LYMP occurs in viral infections. Bacterial infections, on the other hand, do not cause an increase in AS – LYMP. However, this parameter should be interpreted in conjunction with other blood count parameters and laboratory diagnostic tests such as CRP or procalcitonin, as well as the patient’s clinical condition.

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