Digoxin unit converter calculator

Digoxin unit converter calculator

The digoxin unit converter calculator was developed for patients, doctors, laboratory diagnosticians and anyone else who wants to convert their digoxin concentration. Digoxin is a drug used in heart failure and atrial fibrillation. It is very important to monitor digoxin levels so that serum levels are therapeutic.

Using the calculator, it is possible to convert the digoxin concentration from nmol/L to ng/mL and from ng/mL to nmol/L.

Digoxin unit converter calculator – calculate it

Below is a calculator with which you can quickly and easily calculate your digoxin concentration. Just enter the concentration value and choose the appropriate unit. It is necessary to click the “Convert” button.

Digoxin Concentration Converter Calculator

The calculator below converts digoxin concentration between nmol/L and ng/mL units.

Converting digoxin concentration – formulas

If you want to calculate the digoxin concentration yourself – you can use the formulas below. Additionally, a calculation example is placed under each formula.

Convert digoxin concentration from nmol/L to ng/mL

nmol/L x 0.78 = ng/mL

Calculation example: 3.02 nmol/L x 0.78 = 2.36 ng/mL

Convert digoxin concentration from ng/mL to nmol/L

ng/mL x 1.28 = nmol/L

Calculation example: 2.31 ng/mL x 1.28 = 2.96 nmol/L

Other calculators

I invite you to use other medical calculators available in the CALCULATORS category at the top of the page. If you are missing a calculator – write to me! I will try to develop it as soon as possible

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Disclaimer: This page is for informational purposes only. Conversion rates have been compiled based on publicly available information. All information should be confirmed and verified. The data on the site is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Any information, result, conversion should be consulted with a doctor.

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