fT4 unit converter calculator

fT4 unit conventer calculator

Below I provide you with a fT4 unit converter calculator (free thyroxine). The calculator converts units from pmol/L to ng/dL and ng/L depending on the selected configuration. In case you need a calculator that is not yet on my website, please contact me, I will be happy to develop it.

fT4 unit converter calculator – calculate it

fT4 Unit Converter Calculator

The calculator below is used to convert fT4 concentration between units: pmol/L, ng/dL, and ng/L.

Formulas for converting fT4 concentration

Automatic unit conversion is simple, but it’s worth knowing how to do it yourself. Below I present the formulas – how to convert fT4?

pmol/L x 0.077688 = ng/dL
ng/dL x 12.872 = pmol/L
pmol/L x 0.77688 = ng/L

Calculation examples: pmol/L x 0.077688 = ng/dL

If we have a concentration of 113 pmol / L, then in order to calculate the concentration of fT4 in ng / dL, the following equation should be solved:

113 pmol/L x 0.077688 = 8.779 ng/dL

The converter from ng/dL to ng / L is:

1 ng/dL = 0.1 ng/L

I hope you will find the above information useful. If you want to use other calculators, you will find the CALCULATORS button at the top of the page. There will be more of them with time, I already have a lot of ideas.

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