High erythrocytes levels

High erythrocytes levels

How is a high erythrocytes level determined? What are the possible causes of high erythrocytes levels?

In laboratory diagnostics, when performing a blood count test, it is much more common to find low erythrocyte levels than high erythrocyte levels. Therefore, all information sources, websites and medical portals focus on the causes of reduced erythrocyte levels and falsely low red blood cell counts. In this post you will learn what the causes of high erythrocyte levels may be.

How is a high erythrocytes levels determined?

Determination of erythrocyte levels is done when performing a very common and also important test, which is a peripheral blood count. One of the parameters of morphology is RBC – the number of red blood cells (erythrocytes). It is by assessing this parameter that an elevated level of RBCs can be found in a person under examination.

What are the possible causes of high erythrocyte levels?

An elevated erythrocyte is a level that is beyond the upper limit of the reference range. Causes of such a condition include:

  • hypoxia
  • verrucous melanosis
  • dehydration lung diseases
  • long stays at high altitudes (in the mountains)
  • nicotinism
  • pulmonary heart
  • steroid treatment
  • hydronephrosis
  • heart defects
  • pheochromocytoma

If you have been diagnosed with an abnormal number of erythrocytes in the peripheral blood – be sure to contact your doctor. Take care of your health, get diagnosed!

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