LH/FSH ratio calculator

The calculator has been developed to calculate the Lutropin to Follicle Stimulating Ratio quickly and easily. This indicator is used in the process of diagnosing and treating infertility and problems with the regularity of the menstrual cycle. The calculator was developed for both doctors and laboratory diagnosticians, patients and other medical personnel.

LH/FSH ratio calculator – calculate it!

To calculate the ratio of lutropin to follicle-stimulating hormone, enter the concentration of both hormones in the appropriate fields of the calculator. It is necessary to click the “CALCULATE” button.

LH/FSH Ratio Calculator

The calculator below is used to calculate the LH/FSH ratio, an important indicator for diagnosing and treating infertility and menstrual cycle problems.

LH/FSH ratio – formula

To calculate the LH/FSH ratio, divide the Lutropin (LH) value by the Follicle Stimulating (FSH) concentration. Please note that both of these hormones should be measured in the same concentration unit. In addition, the test should be performed at one time, with blood from one collection.

LH/FSH ratio – normal

Remember that it is the doctor who should interpret the results of your laboratory tests. Interpretation depends on your condition, diagnosed conditions and any clinical symptoms.

In healthy individuals, the LH/FSH ratio is approximately unity (1).

Values ​​below 0.6 may indicate hypopituitarism.

Values ​​above 1.5 may indicate polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

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