PAPP-A unit converter calculator

PAPP-A unit converter calculator

The PAPP-A unit converter calculator below is used to convert the serum concentration of pregnancy protein A (PAPP-A) between the units: mIU/mL, mIU/L and IU/L. The PAPP-A unit converter calculator was developed to facilitate the conversion of the PAPP-A plasma protein concentration by patients, laboratory diagnosticians, doctors, nurses, midwives and other medical personnel. The lack of standardization of units in laboratories is quite a big problem when interpreting the results, which is why I have developed this calculator. I cordially invite you to use it.

PAPP-A unit converter calculator – calculate it!

In order to use the calculator, it is necessary to enter the concentration of PAPP-A protein, and then select the appropriate unit. The calculator converts the concentration to all available concentration units.

PAPP-A Unit Converter Calculator

The calculator below converts PAPP-A concentration between units: mIU/mL, mIU/L, and IU/L.

PAPP-A unit converter calculator – formulas

If you want to calculate the PAPP-A concentration yourself, you can use the following formulas.

Converting PAPP-A concentration from mIU/mL to mIU/L:

mIU/mL x 1000 = mIU/L

Example: 3.2 mIU/mL x 1000 = 3200 mIU/L

Converting PAPP-A concentration from mIU/mL to IU/L:

mIU/mL x 1 = IU/L

Example: 4.2 mIU/mL = 4.2 IU/L

Calculation of PAPP-A concentration from mIU/L to IU/L:

mIU/L x 0.001 = IU/L

Example: 934 mIU/L = 0.934 IU/L

Converting PAPP-A concentration from IU/L to mIU/mL:

IU/L = mIU/mL

Example: 1.21 IU/L = 1.21 mIU /mL

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Disclaimer: This page is for informational purposes only. Conversion rates have been compiled based on publicly available information. All information should be confirmed and verified. The data on the site is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Any information, result, conversion should be consulted with a doctor.

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