Prolactin unit converter calculator

Prolactin unit converter calculator

This prolactin unit converter calculator was developed for patients, doctors, laboratory diagnosticians, nutritionists and other medical personnel. Due to the lack of standardization in the units in which the results are published, there are often problems with the interpretation of the obtained test results. Thanks to the calculator below, it is possible to convert the prolactin concentration from μIU / mL (mIU / L) to ng / mL and vice versa.

In order to convert the result into selected units, enter the value of prolactin concentration and select its unit. It is necessary to click the “CALCULATE” button.

Prolactin unit converter calculator – calculate it!

Prolactin Unit Converter Calculator

The calculator below is used to convert prolactin concentration between units: μIU/mL, mIU/L, and ng/mL.

Calculation examples – Prolactin unit converter calculator

If you want to know what the conversion units are, what and how should be converted to get the result as in the calculator above – below I present the conversion factors used together with examples of calculations.

Convert from μIU/mL to mIU/L:

μIU/mL = mlU/L

Example: For a prolactin concentration of 73.6 μIU / mL, the concentration in mIU / L is the same, ie 73.6 μIU / mL.

Conversion from μIU/mL and from mIU/L to ng/mL:

μIU/mL (mIU/L) x 0,047 = ng/mL

Example: the result of the determination of a prolactin concentration of 82.3 μIU / mL (mIU / L) was obtained, the obtained value should be multiplied by 0.047, the concentration is 3.87 ng / mL.

Conversion from ng/mL to μIU/mL and from mIU/L:

ng/mL x 21.2 = μIU/mL (mIU/L)

Example: during the determination of the serum prolactin concentration, the value of 5.43 ng / mL was obtained, in order to convert the result into μIU / mL (mIU / L) the test result should be multiplied by 21.2, the concentration is 115.12 mIU / L.

Other calculators

If you are missing a calculator on the web and you want it to be available – please contact me. I will be happy to prepare it and make it available for general use. Other medical calculators are available in the CALCULATORS tab at the top of the page.

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Disclaimer: This page is for informational purposes only. Conversion rates have been compiled based on publicly available information. All information should be confirmed and verified. The data on the site is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Any information, result, conversion should be consulted with a doctor.

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