What does RE-LYMP stand for? What does elevated RE-LYMP mean?

The 5 diff blood count test may include the mysterious RE-LYMP designation, in which case it is worth knowing what this abbreviation stands for. This is a relatively new laboratory diagnostic parameter, so it’s hard to find more information about it. Want to find out what RE-LYMP stands for? You will read about it below.

What does RE-LYMP stand for?

RE-LYMP stands for reactive lymphocytes. The pool of these cells includes AS-LYMP cells, which are B lymphocytes that synthesize antibodies. SYSMEX instruments that provide users with information about the presence of reactive lymphocytes use fluorescence intensity measurements. Reactive lymphocytes are distinguished by their increased fluorescence compared to normal lymphocytes.

RE-LYMP comes in the form of two parameters that differ by unit:

  • RE-LYMP# – the number of lymphocytes that respond to infection with high fluorescence
  • RE-LYMP% – the percentage of lymphocytes that respond to infection with high fluorescence

What does elevated RE-LYMP mean?

The presence of an elevated RE-LYMP parameter may indicate a viral infection or autoimmune disease. This parameter may correlate with the severity of inflammation. However, it is not an indicator that points to a specific disease. At this point, there are very few studies that evaluate the RE-LYMP parameter, so it should be interpreted with caution based on other laboratory results (e.g., using flow cytometry) and other tests.


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