Vitamin D unit converter calculator

Vitamin D unit converter calculator

This post has been prepared in order to introduce you to and put into use the new calculator. Vitamin D unit converter calculator is used to convert the units of total vitamin D concentration from nmol / L to ng / mL and vice versa, from ng / mL to nmol / L. The calculator is intended to facilitate the interpretation of laboratory test results obtained in various laboratories. There are no clear guidelines on the concentration units used in the laboratory, so a patient can get the results of the same test in different concentration units.

Vitamin D unit converter calculator – calculate it!

Below is a calculator. If you want to use it, please enter your Total Vitamin D concentration value in the appropriate box. Then select the concentration unit and wait for the calculator to convert the units. There is no need to press the recalculate, calculate etc button.

Vitamin D unit converter calculator – formulas

If you want to calculate the concentration of VITAMIN D yourself – use the formulas below. I also attach sample calculations.

Convert vitamin D concentration from nmol/L to ng/mL

  • FORMULA: nmol/L x 0,4 = mg/mL

CALCULATION EXAMPLE: if the result is 160 nmol / L for the total vitamin D concentration and it is necessary to convert the concentration to mg / mL, the obtained value should be multiplied by 0.4

160 [nmol/L] x 0,4 = 64 mg/mL

Convert vitamin D concentration from ng/mL to nmol/L

  • FORMULA: ng/mL x 2,5 = nmol/L

CALCULATION EXAMPLE: If you get a concentration result of 54 mg/mL and want to convert it to nmol/L, multiply 54 by 2.5

54 [mg/mL] x 2,5 = 135 nmol/L

Other calculators

I cordially invite you to use other medical calculators. If you are missing one on the web or on this page – feel free to write to me!

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Disclaimer: This page is for informational purposes only. Conversion rates have been compiled based on publicly available information. All information should be confirmed and verified. The data on the site is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Any information, result, conversion should be consulted with a doctor.

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